Getting science in place at GSI/FAIR with RI.Logistica


GSI and FAIR are a new member of the non-profit organization RI.Logistica which aims to “get science in place” by providing tools, infrastructure and standards for logistics. In operating and upgrading the existing GSI accelerators and experiments as well as building, installing and commissioning our future FAIR research facilities, GSI/FAIR are facing colossal logistical challenges. Some of those are unique, some are common to several research infrastructures, which allows for synergies.

“Think about sending samples from, say, CERN to GSI,” explains Jörgen Larsson, Vice Chair of RI.Logistica, who recently visited GSI/FAIR with a delegation to take a look at the FAIR construction site. “How should they be transported, insured and declared at customs? Imagine if scientific infrastructures had a customs tariff code that automatically flagged our imports duty-free. This is the kind of change research infrastructures can achieve together if we speak with one voice.”

For the GSI/FAIR logistics team, the membership in RI.Logistica means access to powerful network partners like the World Customs Organisation as well as preferred, common rates on insurance and customs brokerage and shared best practice on everything from warehousing to warranty.

Currently, GSI/FAIR are working with RI.Logistica on a “health check” of the processes, looking together for ways of addressing the immediate challenges the FAIR mega-project presents and anticipating those of the future. (CP)

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