"Public Money? Public Code": GSI and FAIR support campaign


GSI and FAIR support the campaign "Public Money? Public Code!". The international campaign calls for software developed with public funds to be made available under a free and open source license. "Public Money? Public Code" particularly resonates with GSI and FAIR's principles of fostering innovation through openness, transparency and collaboration.

The initiative is a catalyst and promotes global collaboration and innovation across sectors and the scientific community at large. Supporting the campaign underscores GSI and FAIR's commitment to transparency, collaboration, innovation, sustainability and efficiency. Therefore, participation is not just a signature, it’s a commitment to improving science and society through openness and collaboration. The open nature of software allows for global scrutiny and contributions, resulting in better, efficient and sustainable development. Dissemination even prior to possible monetization is a core principle, aiming for positive impact rather than quick profits. The essence: if the public pays for it, the public should benefit from it.

GSI's and FAIR's strategic decision to use open source software and hardware is important because free and open standards allow to explore diverse technological solutions that fit best and encourage competition. In addition, open source software and hardware serve as a catalyst in attracting highly skilled individuals such as engineers, scientists and developers. It is a good tool to foster seamless collaboration and provides a platform for participants to collectively build on each other's work, leading to continuous improvement. Finally, this creates an environment that encourages collaboration and learning. This commitment to nurturing talent transforms GSI and FAIR into a hub for research and development.

The open nature of the software allows for scrutiny and contributions from innumerable minds globally. This collaborative approach often results in more refined, efficient and sustainable software development. Open software reflects GSI's and FAIR's commitment to excellence and meets the high-performance computing and security demands crucial for important infrastructures, physics experiments, in particular in the accelerator control domain. (BP)

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