GSI and FAIR partnered with "The hessian AICon" conference


GSI and FAIR partnered with the first-ever hessian.AI conference, “The hessian AICon”: The three-day conference took place at the science and congress center Darmstadtium in Darmstadt. Visitors were provided with comprehensive information about the latest AI research trends. There were networking opportunities, a start-up expo, and the chance to gain deeper insights into hessian.AI and the AI ecosystem

As partners of “The hessian AICon”, GSI and FAIR underscored their commitment to advancing practical AI applications across various fields. GSI and FAIR already collaborate with hessian.AI through the “Digital Open Lab” at the Green IT Cube on the GSI/FAIR campus. At the GSI and FAIR exhibition booth, the Technology Transfer and Information Technology (IT) departments showcased the offers to private and public partners: the provision of infrastructure and IT expertise for collaborative development projects and jointly operated high-performance computing systems and projects. Furthermore, the accelerator physics department gave insights into practical applications of AI, both in the research and development of large accelerator facilities as well as their operation in the control room.

The Green IT Cube is an innovation center focusing on energy-efficient and sustainable information technology (IT). It provides a state-of-the-art computing infrastructure and serves as an environment for the development, testing, and upscaling of energy-efficient high-performance computing solutions. The Digital Open Lab at the Green IT Cube provides researchers, companies, and start-ups with an ideal framework to collaboratively addressing current research questions in close connection to cutting-edge research.

Moreover, the Green IT Cube has been chosen recently as the location for the initial phase of the “KI-Innovationslabor” (AI Innovation Lab) supported by the State of Hesse. This initiative aims to invest ten million euros into building a unique center for AI research, development, and application. The innovation lab will offer a cutting-edge AI-supercomputer infrastructure and extensive AI expertise, fostering collaborations among researchers, industry, and start-ups. It will provide a platform for developing, training, testing, and evaluating AI systems and applications. As such, the innovation lab will facilitate product innovations in various fields such as medicine, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and industrial sectors.

The conference “The hessian AICon” aimed to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation within the AI community. It served as a platform for industry leaders, researchers, and AI enthusiasts to connect, discuss cutting-edge advancements, and explore the transformative potential of AI technologies. (BP)

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