Members of the Bundestag and the Hessian parliament visit GSI and FAIR


A group of members of Bündnis90/Die Grünen from the Bundestag and the Hessian state parliament recently visited GSI and FAIR. The member of the Bundestag Laura Kraft and the two members of the state parliament Miriam Dahlke and Nina Eisenhardt were welcomed by Prof. Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director GSI and FAIR, Dr. Ulrich Breuer, Administrative Managing Director GSI and FAIR and Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, as well as Jutta Leroudier from the Public Relations Department. The politicians were accompanied by Nina Haupt, staff member of Miriam Dahlke.

The parliamentarians learned about the scientific activities at GSI/FAIR and the progress of the future accelerator center FAIR, currently under construction at GSI. After an introduction on the status of the FAIR project, campus development, research successes and recent experiments, the guests had a guided tour to the existing research facilities on the GSI and FAIR campus. They visited the linear accelerator UNILAC, explained by Dr. Udo Weinrich, the supercomputing center Green IT Cube, explained by Dr. Helmut Kreiser, the large-scale experiment R3B, explained by Dr. Kathrin Göbel, and the test stand for superconducting accelerator magnets, where high-tech components for FAIR are tested, explained by Dr. Holger Kollmus.

During a tour of the construction site, accompanied by Dr. Harald Hagelskamp, the head of the FAIR construction site, the guests took a look at the construction progress. The program included the cryogenics buildings, the underground accelerator ring tunnel SIS100, the central hub for the facility’s beam line and distribution (transfer building) and the buildings for experimental caves. (BP)