FAIR at the International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC


FAIR and GSI scientists continue to contribute to world-class accelerator science research. With 45 scientific contributions and 39 delegates to the 14th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC) in Venice, GSI and FAIR emphasized new discoveries in accelerator physics as well as the opportunities the FAIR mega-project offers researchers, industry, students and transfer partners. The worldwide central IPAC'23, well attended with 1600 participants, could be held on-site for the first time after Corona and offered a comprehensive overview of the diversity and new developments in accelerator technology in many expert presentations and poster sessions.

The participants had the opportunity to attend talks from Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, about the FAIR project and from Dr. Danyal Winters, work package leader “SIS100 laser cooling pilot facility”, on the state of the art in laser cooling. Scientific posters from theory, simulation, experiment and engineering showed a true cross-section of accelerator science at GSI and FAIR, from student projects to the work of seasoned accelerator experts. The FAIR exhibition stand showed the accelerator science community the progress made towards first science at FAIR and the future goals for groundbreaking heavy ion and antiproton research.

The head of FAIR’s international office, Dr. Pradeep Ghosh, was on hand to present the GET_Involved programme to the IPAC participants. Industry delegates learned how to become suppliers to FAIR, and FAIR/GSI’s technical and procurement experts scouted for innovative companies with the unique competences needed to realize FAIR. Furthermore,  technology transfer offers and research and development projects around the digital open lab, heavy ion therapy and Helmholtz technology brokerage were presented.

The GSI and FAIR delegates not only presented their own research, but worked shifts in the IPAC exhibition to present FAIR on the world stage in Venice. The Industry liaison officers representing Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Italy and Switzerland followed the FAIR presentations to support in finding partners in their respective countries. Many established and new partners in industry took the time to attend the dedicated industry reception at the FAIR/GSI booth. In 2024, the science community will gather for the next IPAC in Nashville, Tennessee. (BP)

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