France@FAIR event brings together leading French companies in big science industry to explore potential opportunities at FAIR


The two days France@FAIR event emphasized international collaboration in research and innovation, with insights shared on the FAIR mega science project and current opportunities. The successful event included a tour of the civil construction site, presentations by directors, and a satellite event attended by passionate scientists and French companies.

The France@FAIR event, which emphasized the significance of global collaboration in research and innovation, was effectively organized by the FAIR Management and the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MESR), France. The event brought together 15 leading companies in the big science industry in France, enabling them to explore the potential opportunities available at FAIR.

During the France@FAIR event, participants were able to take a tour of the civil construction site and gain firsthand insights into the project's progress. They also received a presentation on the research focus and project status by the Professor Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, and Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Drector of FAIR and GSI. This helped them to better understand the technological needs and challenges that the project aims to address. These experiences provided a valuable opportunity for the companies to engage with the project team and gain a deeper understanding of how they can contribute to the project's success. The companies were also presenting their competencies, experience and capabilities to the experts at FAIR. The insights and current opportunities in Research and Innovation between France and Germany were also shared, including research projects and Technology Transfer opportunities for sustainable development and cooperation.

The satellite event, aimed to understand the current requirements of the FAIR mega science project and how French companies can GET_INvolved with FAIR, was attended by 15 French companies. The satellite event was warmly opened by Consul General adjoint (Frankfurt) Thomas Buffin and attended by passionate scientists and members of the GSI/FAIR team. The Industry Partnership Officer, Arnauld Leservot, and the support of the Embassy of France in Germany and the Management of FAIR made the event possible.

“I was pleased to present the key importance of the French-German cooperation on Research and Innovation on behalf of the Embassy of France in Germany in this frame. I was very delighted to get to know and discuss lengthy with the passionate scientists and GSI/FAIR team on this important international project and its future prospects. I was very impressed by the site and the facilities under construction,” said Axelle Cheney-Grünberger, Senior International Policy and Innovation Expert from the Embassy of France in Germany.

"We are extremely delighted to see such a strong interest and participation from industry partners in the France@FAIR event. Collaborating with industry is crucial to the success of big science projects like FAIR, and we value the insights and contributions of these companies towards achieving our research and innovation goals. I look forward to have them actively engaged in the FAIR project in one form or the other", said Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI.

The France@FAIR event was a great success, highlighting the importance of international cooperation in research and innovation. Special thanks go to Axelle Cheney-Grünberger, Science Allemagne, for sharing her insights and current opportunities. Additionally, the following companies participated in the event and were able to gain valuable information about research projects and Technology Transfer opportunities: ALSYMEX, Technetics Group, Bertin Technologies, OMEGA PHYSICS, Thales Science, Chart Industries, Inc., Sigmaphi Accelerator Technologies, Air Liquide, ROBATEL industries, Framatome, Nexans, NUVIA VINCI, Cegelec CEM (VINCI Energies), and ISP System. The event provided an excellent opportunity for these companies to learn more about the FAIR science project and explore possibilities for sustainable development and cooperation. (BP)

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