Council decides about progress of the FAIR project


Following a special meeting (March 9/10), the shareholders of FAIR GmbH today decided on the progress of the FAIR project. Due to the excellent evaluation in the scientific review of the FAIR project, the Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Hesse are willing to finance the first construction stage 'First Science' with a supplementary sum of approximately 518 million euros. This means that the foreseen total budget available for the scenario will be approximately 3.3 billion euros.

The Management of GSI and FAIR is very glad about the commitment of the Federal Ministry of Research and the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts to provide about the additional funding for FAIR and thus to secure "First Science" at FAIR as the host state. Despite the difficult global economic and geopolitical conditions, this represents a significant step forward for the FAIR project and for the excellent research that can be conducted at FAIR. FAIR's 'First Science' stage, for example, can provide completely new insights into the structure and behavior of matter and open up new possibilities for tumor therapy with high-intensity charged particles for the benefit of society. The scientific review evaluated FAIR's scientific program as compelling and world-leading in many aspects.

The international partners have also acknowledged the additional costs and want to make further commitments in a timely manner. Therefore, the current decisions are an outstanding signal for the site and its employees. But they are also an outstanding signal for science in Germany and Europe.

Further Information

Press release of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (in German)