25 years City of Science: GSI/FAIR participates in anniversary campaign


The city of Darmstadt is celebrating a special anniversary this year: since August 1997, it has held the honorary title City of Science - the first in Germany at the time. For the anniversary year, the science city of Darmstadt launched the campaign "Brought to the point: places of knowledge in Darmstadt". All scientific institutions in Darmstadt can participate with their own events and activities. The GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and the international accelerator center FAIR, currently under construction at GSI, are taking part in the campaign during the week up to August 26.

GSI/FAIR must not be missing in the anniversary of the City of Science: After all, GSI has represented cutting-edge research in Darmstadt for more than 50 years, world-leading and at the same time rooted in the region, sharpening the profile of Darmstadt as a city of science. With FAIR, the groundbreaking course is set for the future: The FAIR accelerator center enables scientists to study the universe into the laboratory to address fundamental questions such as the origin of the chemical elements and the evolution of the universe.

With FAIR, the international dimension will be significantly expanded: From the very beginning, GSI has been bringing scientists from all over the world to Darmstadt. Many more will come here for the future international facility FAIR to carry out world class, excellent science. This is also a contribution to the visibility of Darmstadt as a science city at the international level.

The aim of the current anniversary campaign "Brought to the point" is to increase the visibility and tangibility of scientific institutions in Darmstadt. Similar to a baton, a symbolic "Knowledge point" has been on the road since June on a "Route of places of knowledge” in Darmstadt. At each location where the "Knowledge point" stops for one or more days, visitors can expect an exciting program. The campaign will last until October.

As part of the anniversary campaign, interested persons could already register for a tour of the unique particle accelerator facility at GSI/FAIR, which will take place on August 25. In the days around the "Knowledge point" visit, there are also fascinating things to discover and interesting facts to learn on Instagram and Facebook. Interested people have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of a research institute in a variety of ways and gain surprising insights into science at GSI/FAIR.

The "Knowledge point" tour and program are continuously updated and expanded on the website of the city of Darmstadt. There is an overview map showing where Darmstadt's places of knowledge are located. (BP)

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