Focus on young researchers: Successful interim balance for GET_Involved Program


It is a very successful instrument for the promotion of young scientists: The GET_INvolved Program has attracted numerous young students and early-stage researchers from many nations around the world up to now. By the end of the second quarter of 2021, the program had secured more than 20 bilateral programs focusing on mobility, synergy, and capacity-building for young scientists from partner institutes and associate funding agencies. Recently, the management of GSI and FAIR met with the current participants of the GET_INvolved Program on the campus in Darmstadt.

At a "Meet and Greet", the Scientific Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, Professor Paolo Giubellino, the Administrative Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, Dr. Ulrich Breuer and the Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, Jörg Blaurock, got into a joint conversation with the international students and researchers from around the world participating in the GET_INvolved Program.

In summary, great progress was made in the last three years: The GET_INvolved Program received around 670 applications through midyear 2021, with approximately 200 of them being accepted into various programs in the program portfolio. Students and researchers from 38 different countries have participated in the GET_INvolved Program, with up to 40 percent of them being female. At the FAIR Phase 0 program, the majority of these students/researchers engaged in and contributed to current experiments. This engagement provided them with real-time, hands-on expertise with an in-depth understanding of the research and development at GSI/FAIR.

The current meeting with GET_Involved participants demonstrates the commitment and support from the joint management for all activities that lead to skilled training of the young generation. The goal is to offer the best research environment for the participants allowing the development of future leaders to operate and exploit the FAIR facility in near future. The Scientific Managing Director Professor Paolo Giubellino emphasized: “FAIR is going to be a world-class facility which will provide forefront technology to researchers from all nations. Thanks to its precursory program FAIR Phase 0 FAIR is a talent factory already now. So join us and GET_INvolved!“ (BP)

About the GET_INvolved Program

The GET_INvolved Program is an umbrella program that includes several bilateral/multi-lateral programs and several frameworks programs with partners and third-party funding agencies. All students and researchers are involved in a dedicated scientific or technical project with a mentor, as a part of their short term internship, bachelor or master thesis, ERASMUS+ Traineeships, sandwich doctoral or a postdoctoral research experience at GSI/FAIR. The duration for these internships vary depending on individual projects and also on the program. The project duration can range from three months for short term internships to up to two years for a research experience as a postdoc.

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