Hessian Member of the State Parliament Katy Walther Visits GSI and FAIR


The energy-efficient supercomputing center Green IT Cube was the focus of the visit of Katy Walther, member of the Hessian parliament. She was accompanied by members of the county council of the administrative district Offenbach.

The MP's visit was focused on sustainable, energy-efficient and high-performance IT infrastructure. Katy Walther from Bündnis 90/Die Grünen is responsible for the administrative district Offenbach and was accompanied by the members of the parliamentary group Olaf Hermann, managing director of county council group, the environmental policy spokesman René Bacher, the cultural policy spokesman Werner Kremeier, the office manager Corina Retzbach, Büroleiterin as well as the members of the county council Sonja Arnold, Christine Dammer and Karin Wagner.

The guests were welcomed by Dr. Ulrich Breuer, Administrative Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, and Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR. In addition, Dr. Helmut Kreiser, Group Manager of the IT Department DataCenter, and Dr. Ingo Peter, Head of Press and Public Relations, were among the participants of GSI and FAIR.

The guests took the opportunity to learn more about the high-performance data center and its infrastructure in presentations and during a guided tour through the Green IT Cube, and showed great interest in the promising perspectives. The Green IT Cube on the GSI/FAIR campus is one of the most capable scientific computing centers in the world. At the same time, it sets standards in IT technology and energy saving: Thanks to a special cooling system, it is particularly energy- and cost-efficient. Therefore, the energy required for cooling is less than seven percent of the electrical power used for computing. In conventional data centers with air cooling, this relation amounts to 30 up to 100 percent. The innovative cooling system also enables a compact and space-saving design. The Green IT Cube has already received numerous awards, including the Blue Angel, the eco label of the German government.

In addition to a tour of the Green IT Cube, the program included an overview of FAIR/GSI research topics and the current status of the FAIR construction project. Furthermore, the guests were able to take a look at the 20-hectare FAIR construction site with the completed structural work for the ring tunnel of the SIS100 from the viewpoint. (JL)

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