FAIR Industry Liaison Officers' meeting


The Facility of Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe GmbH (FAIR) hosted Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs) from its partner countries on March 15th. The meeting provided the participating ILOs with the opportunity to get the latest update on topics related to the FAIR project, including progress on FAIR subprojects, and as well significant information about procurement and in-kind contributions. They also received informed about the other networking platforms and events, taking place in foreseeable future.

FAIR and GSI Technical Managing Director Joerg Blaurock along with FAIR and GSI Administrative Managing Director Ulrich Breuer welcomed the Industry Liaison Officers. Technical Managing Director opened the meeting and presented the FAIR project status update and the progress of the construction work and informed the ILOs with the substantial progress made in the project execution. The meeting continued with an information on the mandate from the FAIR Council and objectives of the ILO meeting, presented by David Urner, Head of the GSI/FAIR In-Kind. Anna Hall, Director of Big Science Sweden moderated a lively discussion among ILOs.

An update on the procurement guidelines and options at FAIR was given by Michele Spatar, Head of Procurement, a presentation on upcoming FAIR tender opportunities was presented by David Urner, Head of In-Kind. Their presentations were followed by a moderated session of questions and answer section where each ILO could clarify issues with the Head of Procurement and Head of In-Kind. The representatives from Swedish ILO Big Science Sweden, Frida Tibblin-Citron and UK ILO from UKRI-STFC, Carol Watts presented their scope of work and provided useful resources and insights how these ILOs are organised in their country. The ILOs were informed about other ILO centric platform and events in foreseen future to generate closer engagements between ILOs of FAIR and other mega-science facilities in procurement stage.

The ILOs agreed to have biannual meetings to keep themselves informed. The main significance of the biannual meetings is to provide the ILOs with information to promote discussions with industry and partners in their respective countries on collaboration opportunities at FAIR. The ILOs will meet again on 17th September 2021 in Darmstadt.

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