New longterm drone video: The progress on the FAIR construction site in a time lapse


Great progress has been made and important stages are completed within the FAIR project, one of the largest construction projects for research worldwide. A new time lapse video created with a sophisticated filming technique makes particularly tangible these developments on the mega construction site during the last three years. Several videos, recorded with regular drone flights over the site, were superimposed precisely with GPS support and thus combined to one single video. The progress of the construction activities can be experienced in an impressive way with this "Longterm Dronelapse".

One of the biggest milestones of recent times is the development of the southern construction site. Despite the corona pandemic, construction work there could start after the awarding of the contract for excavation and shell construction for the first part in the southern area. The construction work includes the shell constructions for six buildings and a unique experimental facility – the Superconducting Fragment Separator (Super FRS). It will focus on research topics concerning the nuclear structure and interactions of extremely rare, exotic particles.

Meanwhile, the shell construction for the heart of the future facility, the 1.1-kilometer ring accelerator SIS100, is progressing steadily. The excavation work for the entire length of the tunnel is completed. The central transfer building is expanding over several floors. It is the most complex building of the facility, up to 17 meters deep and 20 meters high, and the central hub for the facility’s beamline. The civil underground work is also completed and the structural engineering is in full progress.

Furthermore, the foundation and walls for the future experiment CBM are completed. CBM is one of the four research pillars of the FAIR accelerator facility. The focus is on the investigation of highly compressed baryonic matter, as it exists in neutron stars and in the center of supernova explosions. An important step is reached in the central connection of the future accelerator FAIR and the existing facilities of GSI. As planned, a crucial connecting piece was delivered by heavy-duty transport. The 4.5-ton steel component was put in with a mobile crane. It will provide sealing the connection between GSI and FAIR.

To fill the newly constructed buildings with life, another important task gets increasingly into focus: the assembly of the accelerator machine. Regarding the development and manufacturing of high-tech components for FAIR, series production is already completed in some parts, while in others this is about to happen. A specially installed planning group will prepare this next phase in project realization, while the accelerator structures and buildings on the FAIR construction site continue to take shape. Up-to-date drone footage will continue to accompany this substantial progress also in the future. (BP)


FAIR Construction Site Time Lapse – Longterm Dronelapse