Horst Klein Award for Bernhard Franzke


Dr. Bernhard Franzke receives the Horst Klein Award for his outstanding scientific achievements in the field of accelerator physics. Bernhard Franzke has been a leading accelerator physicist at GSI for many years and was significantly involved in the construction and development of UNILAC, the ESR and many experiments. In the years 2000 until 2005 he was significantly involved in developing the concept of storage rings at FAIR.

As one of the first employees, Dr. Bernhard Franzke started his career at GSI already in 1969. Prior to that, he had studied physics at the University of Heidelberg where he also received his doctorate. During the development and construction of the linear accelerator UNILAC, he made decisive contributions to its optimization. He also developed an ultra-high vacuum technology, which was indispensable for the upcoming accelerator projects at GSI.
During the first upgrade of GSI, Bernhard Franzke was involved in the conceptual design of the ring accelerator SIS18, the experimental storage ring ESR and the fragment separator FRS. As project manager he was mainly responsible for the development and construction of the ESR, an innovative facility which contributes in an essential way to the uniqueness of GSI now and FAIR in the future. His ultra-high vacuum technology made it possible to decelerate heavy ions in the ESR to low energies at high intensities – a unique property of the ESR that was important for many experiments and is indispensable for future operation in combination with CRYRING. Bernhard Franzke's many years of commitment as group leader of the ESR and head of the accelerator division as well as his developments in accelerator physics and technology contributed decisively to the success of the ESR. Bernhard Franzke was also involved in the first design of the FAIR facility. He led the conceptual design of the storage rings for FAIR. He retired in 2005, but is still active as a consultant.

The Horst Klein Prize, named after the physicist Prof. Dr. Horst Klein (1931-2012), is awarded annually by the Frankfurt Physical Society, the Department of Physics at Goethe University Frankfurt and the Working Group Accelerator Physics (AKBP) of the German Physical Society. The Horst Klein Research Prize is aimed at internationally renowned scientists who have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievements of great significance and high originality. The prize is endowed with 5,000 euros. It is offered by the Goethe University of Frankfurt, the Fückstiftung, Professors Schempp and Schmidt-Böcking, as well as Pfeiffer Vacuum. The official award ceremony, which was to take place during this year's spring meeting of the German Physical Society, has been postponed due to the corona pandemic.