A visit from the Italian parliament


Recently, Laura Garavini, who is a Senator in the Italian parliament, visited FAIR and GSI. She was accompanied by Santi Umberti, SPD member of the Town Council of Darmstadt and chairman of the Committee for Business Development and Science of the city of Darmstadt. The two visitors were welcomed by Professor Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, as well as Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, Professor Marco Durante, head of the GSI Biophysics research department, and Dr. Ingo Peter, head of the Public Relations department of GSI and FAIR.

Starting with introductory presentations about the existing GSI accelerators, experiments and successes, as well as the FAIR project, the guests then took a look at the development of the construction during a subsequent bus tour of the FAIR construction site. A guided tour through the GSI facilities followed, where they were informed about the medical applications of ion beams and the large detector HADES.

GSI and FAIR have a close and long standing collaboration with Italy and its manifold research institutions. The Italian science community is involved in several of the FAIR experiments. High-ranking Italian scientists participate in many of the scientific committees associated with FAIR and GSI. Additionally, Italy supplies technology for FAIR, e.g. magnet prototypes and cold testing of superconducting quadrupole modules for the SIS100 ring accelerator. (CP)