ESA-FAIR Summer School: Experiment Proposal Awards for participants


After two weeks of lectures and experiments at the European Space Agency in Darmstadt and at FAIR and GSI, the 1st ESA-FAIR Summer School was closed on October 1, 2019, with an award ceremony. 18 students from 8 different countries submitted experiment proposals in different fields of space radiation research. The proposals were evaluated by an ESA-FAIR panel.

After careful selection, the best proposal award was granted to Dr. Emiliano Bolesani from the Hannover Medical School (Germany) who will generate heart organoids and expose them to heavy ions to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease in spaceflight. Second best proposal was about microbiology, in particular the irradiation of arctic ice to isolate radioresistant microorganisms that could be present on the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The experiment was proposed by Dr. Ligia Fonseca Coelho from IST in Lisbon (Portugal). The project ranked third was about hibernation and radiation resistance, and was proposed by Dr. Timna Hitrec from the University of Bologna (Italy). The ESA-FAIR panel found all the proposals outstanding. It is planned to submit them officially to the Program Advisory Committee to apply for implementation within the IBER program. IBER is funded by ESA to study biological effects of space radiation at GSI.

The ESA-FAIR Summer School included lecturers from GSI, ESA and other European institutes such as DLR (German Aerospace Center), SCK-CEN (Belgium) and the Technical University of Darmstadt. The second edition of the school is slated for September 2020 in Darmstadt. (LW)

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