Start of the Summer Student Program


37 Students from 19 countries participate in the Summer Student Program of GSI and FAIR this year. They spend eight weeks on campus, getting to know the experiments and research areas of GSI and FAIR and experiencing everyday work at an international accelerator laboratory. 

Every year, the Summer Student Program offers participants an insight into research at a particle accelerator facility. Each summer student works in a research group on a small scientific or technical project from ongoing research operations. The topics range from plasma physics and tumor therapy to nuclear and astrophysics. Developments and tests of technical and experimental components for the FAIR accelerator facility, which is currently under construction at GSI, and their future experiments are in focus.

Many students, mainly from European and Asian countries, return to Darmstadt after the Summer Student Program for a master's or doctoral thesis at GSI and FAIR. The Summer Student Program that takes place for the 39th time is organized in cooperation with the graduate school HGS-HIRe. In addition to scientific events, the program also includes barbecues, a football tournament and activities in the region. Accompanying lectures will present the broad research spectrum of GSI and FAIR and the scientific results achieved. The lectures are held in English. They are open to the public and can be attended by anyone interested. (LW)

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Summer Student Program of GSI and FAIR