Expo Real: FAIR draws positive balance after its trade fair participation


Intense discussions and numerous new contacts — the FAIR construction project’s participation this year in the internationally renowned real estate trade fair Expo Real was once again very successful. The project’s dynamic progress attracted strong interest from professionals and trade fair visitors. Over a period of three days, an extensive presentation of the construction planning and the next steps toward the realization of the unique particle accelerator facility FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) were on exhibition at Expo Real in Munich. This year the focus was primarily on the current calls for tender and the awarding of contracts in the area of technical building services.

The construction of the particle acceleration center, which is currently being built at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt, has speeded up considerably since the groundbreaking ceremony for the big SIS100 ring accelerator in the summer of 2017. “Just over a year after construction started, we’ve been able to show in Munich where we stand today and how much momentum this project has generated,” said Jörg Blaurock, the Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI. After the FAIR presentation at Expo Real, he drew a positive balance. “Because many important players from the construction sector were present, the trade fair gave us an outstanding opportunity to further enhance the FAIR project’s profile in the construction industry and actively present the next steps in our call for tenders for further services,” he added.

At this year’s event, the market continued to show strong interest in the realization of the FAIR project. Potential contractors and bidding syndicates for the upcoming work on the FAIR construction site eagerly took advantage of opportunities to hold direct and comprehensive talks about the construction plans for FAIR and find out about possible participation. “The discussions also showed that a scientific megaproject such as FAIR is an extremely attractive addition to a construction company’s portfolio. We’ve gained important new professional contacts,” said Blaurock, who had cooperated with Michael Ossendorf, Director FAIR Site & Buildings, and Klaus Ringsleben, Chair of the FAIR Building Advisory Committee, to present the currently open FAIR project contracts at the trade fair presence in Munich. 

At the moment, the FAIR realization project has a large order volume related to the complex area of technical building services (TBS), which must be installed in coordination with the construction of the particle accelerator. In the process, numerous individual trades have to mesh. “FAIR doesn’t require standard equipment, but rather customized solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient. This is quite a challenge. That’s why we’re cooperating closely with the overall planning team to divide this complex construction project into manageable contract packages that are in line with market conditions,” explained Michael Ossendorf. The calls for tenders for the next TBS packages, including those for ventilation and electrotechnical systems, will begin this year. Plans call for the contract awarding process to take place in 2019.

Klaus Ringsleben is also satisfied with the FAIR trade fair appearance. "We were able to convince with comprehensive, competent information and good preparation and provide detailed information about our scientifically and technically extraordinary construction project. With our appearance at the trade fair, we have made our mark.”   

FAIR’s partnership with Darmstadt as a science city has once again paid off. At this year’s trade fair, the FAIR project had its own presentation at the Darmstadt stand, which was featured as part of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan area. The Expo Real trade fair attracts around 40,000 visitors each year and is one of Europe’s most important get-togethers for the real estate, construction, and location marketing sectors. (BP)