Lord Mayor of Darmstadt learns about the progress of the FAIR project


Future developments and research at GSI and FAIR were the focus of a visit by the Lord Mayor of Darmstadt, Jochen Partsch. The first point on the agenda was an introductory presentation of the current status of the center’s scientific activities and the progress of the FAIR project.

A conversation with the management of GSI and FAIR offered the Lord Mayor an opportunity to find out about the strategic goals of the areas represented by the Scientific Managing Director, Professor Paolo Giubellino; the Administrative Managing Director, Ursula Weyrich; and the Technical Managing Director, Jörg Blaurock. Significant steps towards achieving these goals are already visible today. The “FAIR-Phase 0” research program is just beginning, the construction of FAIR is making great progress, the started upgrades of the existing facilities are on the home straight, and the constructional development of the campus is also significantly forging ahead. The outstanding profile of Darmstadt as a research site was another theme discussed during the Lord Mayor’s visit.

The discussion was followed by a tour of the FAIR construction site to observe the current status of the work under way there, including the excavation of the pit for the SIS100 accelerator tunnel, which has now reached a depth of 17 meters, and the further construction measures. On a tour of the existing accelerator facility, Jochen Partsch also visited the main control room, which has been restructured, technically optimized, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for its future task of controlling the complex accelerator facilities of GSI and FAIR. (BP)