FAIR Research

The mission of the international FAIR particle accelerator facility in Darmstadt is to unravel unsolved secrets regarding the structure of matter and the evolution of the Universe. To ­achieve­ this, researchers at FAIR are striking out in new directions with their exper­iments.

In close cooperation with astronomers, who use telescopes to view the Universe at a distance, the scientists at FAIR will directly create and examine cosmic matter in the laboratory. In giant planets, stars, and also during stellar explosions and collisions, matter is subject to extreme conditions such as very high temperatures, pressures and densities. FAIR will enable scientists to create such conditions in the laboratory. To do so, they will bombard small samples of matter with ions (electrically charged atoms). These collisions will, for very short periods of time, create the cosmic matter at the tiny impact points.

The four experiment pillars

Nuclear Structure Astrophysics and Reactions. Experiments with atomic nuclei are the key to understanding stars.

Compressed Baryonic Matter. The collision of atomic nuclei at high speeds can simulate the conditions inside supermassive objects for a split second.

Antiproton Annihilation at Darmstadt. How can antimatter help us understand the mass of matter and the strong force?

Atomic, Plasma Physics and Applications. From the investigation of atoms and macroscopic effects in materials or tissues all the way to engineering and medical applications.