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Guided tours through the GSI-facility

GSI operates a large, in many aspects worldwide unique accelerator facility for basic scientific research.

You are welcome to visit our facility including the construction field of the new facility FAIR.

Program of your guided tour

An introductory lecture offers you an overview of the facilities and the research conducted at GSI. Afterwards the guided tour through the facility will take you to selected points of interest. The total duration is approx. 2 hours.

During your visit GSI-employees will guide you. Our guides strive to keep explanations comprehensible and suitable for your group.


A visit of the GSI-facilites is free of charge.

Registration for a guided tour

Basically visits are possible from Monday to Friday. Nonetheless not all dates are possible as visits depend on the operation schedule.

The number of participants should exceed 10 persons and stay below a maximum of 60 persons. For smaller groups or single persons we will try to find a date where you can join an existing group. Larger groups above 60 persons can only be handled in exceptional cases after separate consultation of our office.

Request a date for your guided tour via the electronical registration form


In case of further questions please contact:

Katharina Becker
Fon: +49-6159-71-1397
E-Mail: k.becker(at)gsi.de


Find out what others think about their GSI visit in the comments of participants (German only).


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