Access Regulation to the GSI/FAIR Campus

The following information addressesgeneral access to the GSI/FAIR campus. In addition, we provide further regulations under the following links:

All external guests

  • All external guests (including external companies, suppliers, etc.) must generally register at the gate (campus security) following an invitation by a GSI/FAIR employee
  • External guests will receive a day pass at the gate upon registration.
  • Exempt are persons who stay on campus for several days and receive a GSI/FAIR guest pass, e.g. experimenters and guest scientists. They can enter the campus in the usual way and will be supervised by the Welcome Office.
  • The GSI/FAIR employee concerned will be informed via telephone by the campus security about visitors who register at the gate. External guests will not be allowed to enter GSI/FAIR until an employee has given permission for them to visit.
  • External guests who are not familiar with the location and have not been briefed are not allowed to enter the campus without supervision of a GSI/FAIR employee.
  • External guests who are familiar with the location and have been briefed may go to their destination unsupervised with the permission of the GSI/FAIR contact person.
  • External guests with a day pass may only visit GSI/FAIR from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a. m. to 8:00 p. m. 
  • At information can be found how access to the campus is regulation in case of a guided tour.

External guests of events

  • If a complete list of participants in conferences, events, meetings and discussions (with the exception of "Wissenschaft für Alle") is submitted to campus security, they are considered to be registered, the registration procedure remains the same

Deliveries, freight businesses and waste management companies

  • All deliveries, freight businesses and waste management companies have to register at the gate and will receive the day.
  • Deliveries, freight businesses and waste management companies who have been briefed and are familiar with the premises may proceed to their destination with permission of their GSI/FAIR contact person.
  • Deliveries, freight businesses and waste management companies who have not been briefed and are not familiar with the premises have to be accompanied by their GSI/FAIR contact person.

Outside the above times

  • Outside the above times (= Mondays to Fridays between 8 p. m. and 7 a. m.) as well as on weekends and public holidays, external guests with a day pass as well as deliveries, freight businesses and waste management companies may only enter the premises after written notification via e-mail to campus security with a copy to the departments Safety (k.vogt(at), and Central Site Services (zentrale-dienste(at), the external guests must be registered and accompanied by GSI/FAIR employees.
  • As a rule, the notification should be made at least 2 days in advance. No response is required. It is important that guests are registered with their identity card number.
  • The notification must contain the following information:
    • The number of guests and a list of their names
    • Date of the stay
    • Time of the stay
    • A list of the rooms, halls, and paths to be visited
  • Please note: This written notification on holidays, weekends, and work days from 8:00 p. m. to 7:00 a. m. serves your protection and the protection of visitors. GSI/FAIR is not staffed with company nurses or company paramedics outside of regular working hours. Should an accident occur on the way, campus security is informed via the previous written notification where approximately you are.

Guests staying in the guest house

  • For guests staying in the guest house (GSI/FAIR premises) over the weekend, the item "Outside the above times" does not apply, as they are already registered.
  • Unless they are expecting visitors, in which case the same rules apply to visitors.