Dr. Helmut Kreiser receives Datacenter Strategy Award for Innovation


The Datacenter Strategy Award for Innovation, presented for the first time this year, was recently awarded to Dr. Helmut Kreiser, head of GSI and FAIR's Green IT Cube high-performance data center, at the Datacenter Strategy Summit 2022. The award recognizes GSI/FAIR's strategy to use the Green IT Cube as a living lab for developing new ideas and innovations in collaboration with startups, companies and research institutes.

Kreiser was elected by the readers of the Vogel IT-Akademie publications. In total, over 1200 votes were received for the eleven nominated candidates. In addition to the Innovation category, an award was also presented in the areas Transformation, Sustainability and Efficiency. The award, which was bestowed for the first time, is intended to honor people in companies and the teams behind them who drive innovation and new infrastructure strategies.

GSI/FAIR’s Green IT Cube is a very energy-efficient and sustainable data center, its technology is based on cold water cooling of the computing racks and the reuse of the dissipated heat. Interested partners can deploy their computer systems in the racks as part of the living lab “Digital Open Lab” and operate them for the development, testing and upscaling of energy-efficient high-performance computers to the scale of industrial demonstrators on campus.

In doing so, GSI/FAIR are focusing on the Open Innovation Strategy and the Co-Innovation Strategy. It means that the Green IT Cube has become a living lab where new ideas, innovations and approaches can be tackled together with startups, companies and research institutes. GSI/FAIR are interested in implementing these new solutions in the Green IT Cube. The strategy not only promotes new innovations, but also creates the opportunity to expand the Green IT Cube with these new innovations. GSI/FAIR want to further develop and optimize concepts in order to operate data centers in a more efficient and eco-friendly way. (CP)

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