Darmstadt’s City Councilor Holger Klötzner visits GSI/FAIR


Darmstadt’s City Councilor Holger Klötzner, Department Head for Digitization and Schools, was a guest at GSI/FAIR for a visit accompanied by his assistant Dominik Pollozek. They were welcomed by Professor Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, and Dr. Ulrich Breuer, Administrative Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, as well as Carola Pomplun of the Public Relations department and Dr. Kathrin Göbel of the Outreach Office. During an introduction Holger Klötzner was informed about the existing GSI accelerator and research facilities and the construction of the international FAIR project as well as about the supercomputing center Green IT Cube and the activities in educational outreach especially for schools.

On a tour of the FAIR construction site, he then took a close look at the construction progress and visited the tunnel structure for the SIS100 accelerator, the building for the large experiment for compressed nuclear matter CBM and the so-called transfer building. On the GSI/FAIR campus, he visited the Green IT Cube — the high-performance computing center that is particularly energy-efficient thanks to water cooling and has been awarded the “Blue Angel” — as well as the experimental storage ring ESR and the HADES experiment.(CP)