Artist-in-Science-Residence — Culture meets science


Darmstadt is not only a science city, but can also look back on more than 175 years of history of art production and promotion. What could be more obvious than combining these two important traditions? In the "Artist-in-Science-Residence" program, the association Kultur einer Digitalstadt and the three science institutes in Darmstadt, GSI/FAIR, ESOC and hessian.AI, bring art and science together in a way that is unique in Germany.

From July 25 to September 2, the Italian artist Luca Spano will come to Darmstadt and, together with researchers from GSI and FAIR, will deal with the limits of vision and the visible. He investigates the perception of reality and the process by which we construct knowledge. “We produce images from data, we use our cultural background to imagine the unreachable, we create our beliefs,” says Luca Spano. “Every time we invent technology that changes how or what we can see, we change ourselves and the world around us.”

With the Artist-in-Science-Residence, GSI/FAIR establishes an interdisciplinary dialogue between artists and physicists, which offers the opportunity to pursue artistic questions and to reflect on them in a scientific context. From the artistic dialogue and in experimental workshops with the public and our scientists, images will be generated of what cannot be seen with the naked eye: the building blocks of matter and antimatter and their interactions. (KG/BP)

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