Mentoring Hessen meets GSI/FAIR


On February 18th, 30 mentees and mentors from Mentoring Hessen paid a virtual visit to GSI and FAIR. GSI/FAIR employees offered a virtual tour through the facility, from the ion sources to the experiments, and gave an insight into the diverse activities at the research center: How are ions accelerated and how are the beamtimes organized? What happens when ions hit materials or human tissue? How do collisions of atoms and atomic nuclei provide insight into what happens in the interior of planets and stars? How are targets for the accelerated ions produced? Exciting questions from the participants about the research topics led to lively discussions with the experts. The presentation of technology transfer showed how innovative ideas from research are transferred to application.

Mentoring Hessen supports women on their career paths in science and business. From the very beginning, since 1998, colleagues from GSI and FAIR have actively participated in Mentoring Hessen and its predecessor projects. GSI has also been a cooperation partner for over 20 years. Christina Trautmann, head of materials research, has been a member of the steering group for GSI since 2017.

In the past, there have always been exciting encounters between mentors and mentees. And sometimes mentees find their mentor's job so interesting that they successfully apply for a job or a doctoral position at GSI/FAIR at the end of the mentoring year.(KG/CP)

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