"The Art of Science at GSI and FAIR"- Illustrated book with unique works by artists and designers

available now at Darmstadt Shop and at GSI/FAIR


A new illustrated book shows research at GSI and FAIR from the perspective of art and design. The network of Urban Sketchers Rhein-Main and students of the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach visited GSI and FAIR and developed their individual views on the experimental facilities and the scientific topics and reproduced them in pictures. The multitude of fascinating drawings and sketches can now be admired in an illustrated book published by GSI/FAIR. The bilingual illustrated book is available in the Darmstadt Shop (Luisenplatz) and on site at GSI/FAIR.

"The human spirit shines brightest where splendor of art unites with splendor of science," said the 19th century scholar Emil Heinrich du Bois-Reymond. Drawers and designers at GSI and FAIR have taken up this challenge and captured on paper both, the visible world of particle accelerators with their magnets and detectors and the invisible world of atoms, forces and structures. The results impressively show the wide variety of perceptions, viewpoints, and modes of representation at the limits of human imagination and at the limits of what is technically possible.

In January 2020, the Urban Sketchers Rhine-Main visited the research facilities of GSI and FAIR with about 40 people for a sketching excursion. Urban Sketchers is a global network of artists who draw the places in which they live or to which they travel, capturing what they see from direct observation. Their mission is to "show the world, one drawing at a time." In the summer of 2020, 12 students from the Offenbach University of Applied Sciences (HfG) spent a week on the GSI/FAIR campus for the workshop "Sketching as a visual means of conveying knowledge at the interface between design and science." They drew experiment setups and accelerators, but were also introduced to the world of experimental physics - from the idea of the experiment, to the technical execution and the data analysis. A selection of the works created during these two visits can be seen in the illustrated book "The Art of Science at GSI and FAIR".

The illustrated book invites to look at science and technology from different angles. As means of expression, art and design enable people to reflect on scientific and technical topics in a very special way. The illustrated book is now available at the GSI/FAIR shop and in Darmstadt at the Darmstadt Shop at the Luisenplatz (price: 24 euros). (LW)