Pi, Star Trek and the Arctic — Lecture series „Wissenschaft für Alle“ of GSI and FAIR stays digital


The lecture series “Wissenschaft für Alle” by GSI and FAIR will continue in online format in the second half of 2021. Interested parties can join the videoconferences via a dial-in link using a web-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet.The program begins on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, with a talk about the number pi by Professor Albrecht Beutelspacher, Director of the Mathematikum in Gießen.

On the occasion of the 314th lecture of the series " Wissenschaft für Alle " (Pi is often given as 3.14 in short form), Professor Beutelspacher gets to the bottom of the number. Pi has fascinated humankind for thousands of years, because while this number can be explained quite simply on the one hand, it is very difficult to calculate and plays a role in surprisingly many areas of mathematics on the other hand. In the lecture all these aspects will be presented, partly supported by small experiments. A lecture that is entertaining and instructive.

Professor Albrecht Beutelspacher studied mathematics, physics and philosophy at the University of Tübingen and was subsequently awarded his doctorate and habilitation at the University of Mainz. He has been a professor at the University of Gießen since 1988. Since 2002, he has been the founding director of the Mathematikum, the world's first hands-on mathematical museum.

The following lecture by Professor Markus Roth from the Technical University of Darmstadt will take a closer look at the physics of the popular science fiction universe Star Trek in October. In November, Dr. Julia Regnery from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven will report on MOSAiC, the largest Arctic expedition ever undertaken. At the end of the year in December, Dr. Daniel Severin of GSI/FAIR, together with other colleagues, will report on the scientific experiments during the last operational phase of the GSI/FAIR accelerator facility in the traditional Christmas lecture.

The lectures start at 2 p. m., further information about access and the course of the event can be found on the event website at www.gsi.de/wfa (in German)

The lecture series “Wissenschaft für Alle” is aimed at all persons interested in current science and research. The lectures report on research and developments at GSI and FAIR, but also on current topics from other fields of science and technology. The aim of the series is to prepare and present the scientific processes in a way that is understandable for laypersons in order to make the research accessible to a broad public. The lectures are held by GSI and FAIR staff members or by external speakers from universities and research institutes.(CP)

Current program:
  • Wednesday, 15.09.2021, 2 p. m.
    Die Zahl Pi – der 3(,)14. Vortrag der Reihe Wissenschaft für Alle
    Albrecht Beutelspacher, Director of the Mathematikum Gießen
  • Wednesday, 27.10.2021, 2 p. m.
    Die Physik von Star Trek
    Markus Roth, Technical University of Darmstadt
  • Wednesday, 17.11.2021, 2 p. m.
    MOSAiC – viele Teile ergeben ein großes Ganzes: Ein Einblick in die größte Arktisexpedition aller Zeiten
    Julia Regnery, Alfred Wegener Institute
  • Wednesday, 08.12.2021, 2 p. m.
    Wer strahlte denn da? – Einblick in den wissenschaftlichen Experimentierbetrieb an GSI/FAIR in 2021
    Daniel Severin, GSI/FAIR, et al.
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