More than 37,000 kilometers: Again first place in the campaign City Cycling


The cycling season is slowly coming to an ending, time for an annual balance: This year again, team GSI/FAIR has achieved a great success in city cycling campaign and has reached first place in the team ranking. A total mileage of 37,181 kilometers was covered. 142 employees from GSI, FAIR and externals participated in the campaign as team GSI/FAIR. The kilometers travelled avoided the emission of 5.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Second and third places were taken by "Merck fährt Rad" (36,919 kilometers) and the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (25,720 kilometers).

This year's result of team GSI/FAIR once again is a clear improvement on the very successful results of the last years: Already in 2019, the cyclists could reach the first place with also 142 participants and 35,049 covered kilometers. In 2018, there were 102 cyclists in the team, who had covered 25,766 kilometers, taking second place.

Traditionally, the winning prizes for the best teams and individual cyclists are presented by Barbara Akdeniz, head of the environment department of Darmstadt, during the bike action day on the market square in Darmstadt. Due to Corona, the event was cancelled this year.

More than 1980 people in 117 teams took part in the 21-day campaign in May and June. Overall, the previous year's result was significantly exceeded in Darmstadt: The participants covered a total of 420,000 kilometers, thus avoiding 62 tonnes of CO2 compared with driving a car. Environment department head Akdeniz expressed her delight that so many citizens took part in city cycling: “Our decision to run the city cycling this year in spring was a very conscious one. In addition to the possibility of being able to promote climate protection, quality of life and the mobility turnaround by participating in city cycling, cycling in times of Corona is also ideal for staying physically and mentally fit – of course within the scope of the currently valid regulations” (BP)

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