Diversity and inclusion — Centers of Helmholtz Association adopt joint guideline


The centers of the Helmholtz Association have agreed to develop and live a common understanding of diversity, inclusion and a diversity-aware organizational culture. Recently all 19 members of the Helmholtz Association, among them also the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, have officially adopted a corresponding guideline in their Assembly of Members.

In large research infrastructures such as GSI, which has maintained strong international collaborations since its foundation, or the FAIR project, which is supported by several countries, cooperation with different people and cultures has long been part of everyday life. In this way, knowledge and know-how from all over the world can be brought together for research and high-tech developments in order to achieve the best results. The basis for this is now written down in the Helmholtz guideline in order to create the framework conditions for reflecting diversity and inclusion in the processes, structures and conditions of the center.

The starting point is a simple insight: people are diverse. The current 40,000 employees of the Helmholtz Association and, of course, the approximately 1450 employees of GSI and FAIR differ from each other in many ways: in their personal life plan or personal life situation, their gender, their world view, their biography and origins, their abilities and inclinations, their external appearance and many other aspects. The Helmholtz members recognize this sum of human differences, which is optionally referred to as "diversity" or "variety", as an irrefutable fact.

Inclusion is understood to mean the active shaping of the organizational culture in order to take all persons into account and to give them equal opportunities for influence, participation and individual development. Successful inclusion is demonstrated by the fact that the people who work in and with the centers experience an atmosphere of respect and fairness, appreciation and belonging, security and openness, and are convinced that they can fully develop their talents and grow personally. (CP)

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