Cooperation meeting between GSI/FAIR and Forschungszentrum Jülich


The current and future cooperation between GSI/FAIR and the divisions of the Nuclear Physics Institute (IKP) at Forschungszentrum Jülich was recently the subject of a meeting with representatives of both research institutions on the GSI campus in Darmstadt. The aim was to structure interfaces of existing projects, identify future cooperation projects, generate synergies at the same time and record the results in project profiles. These preliminaries serve as basis for a collaboration agreement, which will describe the future cooperation of the institutes. The next meeting already follows.

The successful cooperation between GSI/FAIR and the IKP in science, accelerator technology and the FAIR project has existed for a long time and was a solid foundation for the contents of the workshop. The focus was on the topic "accelerators", from planning and implementation to operation as well as the associated technology and interfaces. The 30 different projects recorded during the event cover a wide range and are now described in concrete terms with milestones, deadlines and resources. Thematically, they range from the existing FAIR subprojects for the high-energy storage ring HESR and the research pillar PANDA to other subprojects such as the Collector Ring (Beam Cooling) or Commons (vacuum, beam diagnosis and power supply units) and the desired future cooperation in the fields of installation, commissioning and operation of the accelerator facilities.

A total of 50 people took part in the two-day workshop, about half of them came from Jülich, from the Institute Division "Large-scale nuclear physics facilities". One of them was Dr. Ralf Gebel, its acting director. The guests were welcomed by Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR. In addition to the joint workshop, a visit to the FAIR construction site was also scheduled, including the completed sections of the central ring accelerator SIS100. In addition, the event offered participants the opportunity to exchange ideas intensively and fostered mutual understanding.

Now another event follows. This time the workshop focuses on cooperation topics in research and experiments.(BP)