FAIR large-scale experiment CBM: Collaboration meeting in India


The status and next steps towards the realization of the CBM experiment – one of the four major research pillars of the future accelerator center FAIR – were the focus of the latest CBM collaboration meeting in India. The meeting with about 100 participants recently took place at the new campus of the Indian FAIR shareholder, the Bose-Institute in Kolkata.

The 34. CBM collaboration meeting was preceded by further sessions at the end of September: These included the “CBM Software School”, a “Students Day” and a workshop "FAIR and CBM – Prospects and Challenges" at University of Gauhati in Guwahati. Indian scientists are strongly involved in the CBM experiment and play a primary role: India provides a major in-kind contribution to CBM, which is the GEM and RPC tracking chambers for the muon detection system. In total 13 Indian institutions participate in the design of the muon system, perform feasibility studies and build twelve large-area detector stations.

An essential intermediate goal on the way to the realization of the CBM experiment is the successful commissioning of the miniCBM experiment at GSI/SIS18, which was one of the key points of the discussions. The director of the Bose-Institute, Professor Uday Bandyopadhyay, also participated in the CBM Collaboration Board Meeting. He expressed his strong interest in the collaboration with FAIR.

Another important item was the appointment of Piotr Gasik as the new CBM Technical Coordinator. Piotr Gasik was coordinating the upgrade of the Time-Projection Chamber (TPC) at the ALICE experiment of the European Nuclear Research Center CERN with GEM based (Gas Electron Multiplier) read-out chambers. Now he coordinates their integration into the experiment at CERN. Piotr Gasik succeeds Walter Müller, who served as Technical Coordinator from the beginning of CBM, i.e. for more than 15 years. At the last evening of the meeting, the participants from Germany and the Indian hosts had a joint get-together with the Consul General of Germany in Kolkata, Dr. Michael Feiner. (BP)