TIARA Collaboration: Accelerator experts meet at GSI and FAIR


The TIARA Collaboration Council met on the GSI and FAIR campus recently. Representatives of the most important European accelerator laboratories and institutions participated. They came from eleven institutions from eight different countries.

The Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area (TIARA) is a dedicated structure, the purpose of which is to exchange expertise and to facilitate and support the setting-up of joint research and development programs and education and training activities in the field of accelerator science and technology in Europe. The TIARA activities includes among other things the provision of scientific and technical guidance and advice for cooperative research and development (R&D) toward future accelerator science and technology.

TIARA is coordinated by Roy Aleksan from the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission CEA with support in managing the major EU funded programs by Maurizio Vretenar from the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN. The local organization of the meeting at GSI has been performed by the subproject SIS100/SIS18. One reason to meet at GSI-/FAIR campus was to inform the international experts on the status of the FAIR project. One point of the agenda was a visit to the FAIR construction site, accompanied by a presentation of Peter Spiller and Niels Pyka on the status of the FAIR project. A personnel decision was also to be made. The committee has elected Eugenio Nappi as new chair of the TIARA council. (BP)

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