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In our magazine "target" we report our research and the current results. At the same time we keep you informed about news at GSI and FAIR in a compact format, and introduce the people behind our research — not only the scientists, but also the indispensable colleagues in administration and technical infrastructure.

In the style of the material samples of the same name, which are used by our scientists for irradiation with the ion beam, we called our magazine "target". We aim to get our information to you on the point, as the scientists do with the ion beam onto their targets: fitted to our readers needs and put in a nutshell.


Current issue

 Download of "target" – Issue 16, January 2018 (PDF, 6,5 MB)


In the 16th issue of our magazine "target" we report the groundbreaking for FAIR as well as our Open House which enabled approx. 11,000 visitors to gain insight into our research. The detection of heavy elements in a merger of neutron stars has confirmed important predictions of our scientists. And you learn more about the work of our Technology Transfer who aims to convey utilizable developments from research into industry.



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target archive (German only)

Ausgabe 15

Download von "target" – Ausgabe 15, Dezember 2016 (PDF, 4,4 MB)


In der 15. Ausgabe unseres Magazins "target" berichten wir über neue Magnete für den FAIR-Ringbeschleuniger. Auch weitere FAIR-Fortschritte bei den Ausschreibungen für die Bautätigkeit und unseren Besuch auf der Immobilienmesse Expo Real haben wir zum Thema. In unserem Interview berichtet Janina Krieg über ihre Arbeit an topologischen Isolatoren in der Materialforschung. Und in unserer Rubrik "GSI stellt sich vor" erfahren Sie mehr über unser langjähriges und sehr erfolgreiches Sommerstudentenprogramm.