EMMI Rapid Reaction Task Forces


Understanding light (anti-)nuclei production at RHIC and LHC
fall 2023, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany


Nuclear physics confronts relativistic collisions of isobars
part 1: May 30-Jun 03, 2022, U Heidelberg, Germany
part 2: Oct 12-14, 2022, U Heidelberg, Germany

EMMI RRTF - part 2
Real and virtual photon production at ultra-low pT and low mass at LHC
Aug 1-5, 2022, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

Direct-Photon Puzzle
postponed, U Heidelberg, Germany


EMMI RRTF Part 1, Online Workshop 1:
Real and virtual photon production at ultra-low transverse momentum and low mass at LHC
Sep 13, 2021
Organizers: S. Flörchinger, K. Schweda, R. Bailhache

EMMI RRTF Part 1, Online Workshop 2:
Real and virtual photon production at ultra-low transverse momentum and low mass at LHC
Sep 14, 2021
Organizers: S. Flörchinger, K. Schweda, R. Bailhache



Dynamics of critical fluctuations: theory – phenomenology – HIC
Apr 8-12, 2019, GSI Darmstadt
Organizers: M. Bluhm, A. Kalweit, M. Nahrgang

The space-time structure of jet quenching: theory and experiment
Aug 12-16, 2019, GSI Darmstadt
Organizers: U. Heinz, P. Jacobs, K. Tywoniuk, U. Wiedemann

LORandite Experiment (LOREX)
Dec 12-13, 2019, GSI, Darmstadt
Organizers: Yuri A. Litvinov, Miodrag K. Pavićević, Thomas Stöhlker

Suppression and (re)generation of quarkonium in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC
Dec 16-20, 2019, GSI Darmstadt
Organizers: A. Andronic, P.-B. Gossiaux, P. Petreczky, R. Rapp, M. Strickland


The physics of neutron star mergers at GSI/FAIR
Jun 4-15, 2018, GSI Darmstadt
Organizers: C. Domingo Pardo, T. Galatyuk, G. Martinez Pinedo, B. Metzger, S. Nissanke, L. Rezzolla

Direct reactions and nuclear structure: the need of a consistent theoretical treatment of structure and reactions
Jul 30-Aug 4, 2018, Lichtenberghaus, Darmstadt
Organizers: T. Aumann, C. Barbieri, D. Bazin, A Obertelli

1s Lamb shift in heavy H-like ions: towards an accuracy of <1eV
Sep 17-19, 2018, Jena
Organizers: A. Gumberidze, Y. Litvinov, T. Stoehlker, G. Weber

Electromagnetic Structure of Strange Baryons
Organizers: T. Galatyuk, S. Leupold, U. Meißner, K. Schönning
Oct 22-24, GSI Darmstadt


Extraction of heavy-flavor transport coefficients in QCD Matter
Part I: Jul 18-22, 2016, GSI, Darmstadt
Part II: Dec 12-14,2016, GSI, Darmstadt
Organizers: A. Andronic, R. Averbeck, P.-B. Gossiaux, S. Masciocchi, R. Rapp

The systematic treatment of the Coulomb interaction in few-body systems
Part I: Jan 11-15, 2016, TU Darmstadt
Part II: May 30 - Jun 03, 2016, GSI, Darmstadt
Organizers: S. Koenig, D. Gazit, H. Grießhammer, J. Vanasse


Resonances in QCD
Oct 12-14, 2015, GSI, Darmstadt
Organizers: M. Lutz, S. Lange, M. Pennigton


Nuclear matrix elements for neutrinoless double-beta decay
Nov 10-21, 2014, GSI, Darmstadt
Organizers: W. Haxton, K. Langanke, J. Menendez, A. Schwenk

Non-exponential two-body weak decays
Jul 6-10, 2014, Dornburger Schlösser, Dornburg
Organizers: F. Bosch, Y. Litvinov, T. Faestermann, T. Stöhlker

Direct-photon flow puzzle
Feb 24-28, 2014, GSI, Darmstadt
Organizers: J. Stachel, K. Reygers


Emissivity of matter under extreme conditions, dileptons and chiral symmetry: established connections and missing links
Oct 5-15, 2013, GSI, Darmstadt
Organizers: T. Galatyuk, P. Salabura, J. Stroth

Quark matter in compact stars
Oct 7-10, 2013, FIAS, Frankfurt
Organizers: J. Schaffner-Bielich, S. Schramm

Probing the phase structure of strongly interacting matter with fluctuations: theory and experiment
February 11-22, 2013, GSI, Darmstadt
Organizers: B. Friman, F. Karsch, K. Redlich, N. Xu

  • Kick-Off Meeting
    Feb 11-12, 2013, GSI Darmstadt


Thermalization in a nonabelian plasma
Dec 12-14, 2011, Heidelberg
Organizers: J. Berges, J.-P. Blaizot, F. Gelis