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Funding opportunities

For European Users

Transnational Access to GSI (Integrating Activities)

The objective of the Integrating Activities Scheme within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission is to support the integrated provision of infrastructure related services to the research community at a European level. A main characteristic of Integrating Activities (IA) is their capacity to mobilise a large number of stakeholders in a given class of infrastructure. The ambition is to induce a long-term effect on the way research infrastructures operate, evolve and interact with similar infrastructures and with users, thereby contributing to structure the European Research Area.

GSI is participating in the IA scheme through the following several Integrated Infrastructure Initiatives (I3)

For German university groups and GSI scientists (project and third party funding)

The GSI EU & Third Party Funding Office supports GSI scientists in order to carry out EU projects successfully in all project phases. It provides help also with all other third party funded projects.

GSI project management agency of the BMBF for Hadron and Nuclear physics

GSI as BMBF Project Management Agency (Projektträger des BMBF) runs the funding program for Hadron and Nuclear Physics. This program aims at funding research groups at German Universities working on nuclear physics projects performed at large scale research infrastructures, which are carried to a large extend by BMBF.

GSI offers a program for the cooperation with German Universities in the area of research and development ("Forschung und Entwicklung"). This may cover development and testing of equipment and measuring devices as well as experimental procedures and theoretical methods for the research with ion and hadron beams