Procedure to Apply for Beamtime

At GSI several Program Advisory Committees (PACs) were formed to make recommendations for allocation of beam time based on written proposals submitted to the respective PAC. The decision on beam time allocation is taken by the Scientific Director of GSI based on the recommendations of the advisory committee, and is communicated in writing to the spokesperson of the respective proposal.

Calls for Proposals are published on the website of the respective PAC and through the users' mailinglist. To register to this mailing list please see the User Webpage. Indications on the process of submission of experiment proposals are given on the webpages of the respective PACs. Proposals consist of information on the applicants and on the beam time request, a questionnaire on safety issues and a text explaining background and aims of the proposed experiment. For a continuation request, a brief status report of the previous as well as an outline of the future experiments should be given.

Program Advisory Committees

Webpages of the Program Advisory Committees (PACs) with information on open 'Calls':

General Program Advisory Committee (G-PAC), for nuclear and atomic physics:G-PAC

PHELIX and Plasmaphysics Program Advisory Committee (PPAC), for plasmaphysics with ions and lasers:PPAC

Materials Research Program Advisory Committee (Mat-PAC), for materials research: Mat-PAC

Biophysics and Radio-Biology Program Advisory Committee (Bio-PAC), for biophysics and radio-biology: Bio-PAC


Further Steps

After approval of a proposed experiment, the applicant will be informed on the results by E-mail. This letter also contains information on next steps.

You might also want to check the webpages "Scheduling of aproved experiments" and "Coming for an experiment".