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Beam Time at GSI

Beam Time 2016

There will be only UNILAC experiments with energies up to 6.5 MeV/u  and a machine and detector test block at SIS18 in the time from 25.04. till 14.07.2016.

Update: 17.06.2016

Previous Beam Time Schedules for the years:

GSI Beam Time Coordinator

Dr. Daniel Severin

Phone: +49-6159-71 2715

E-Mail: beamtime(at)

Overview on Active Proposals and Remaining Shifts

Approved experiments and their remaining shifts can be searched from a database. The entries are updated after each beam time block.

Contact Person for External Users

Dr. Karin Füssel

Phone: +49-6159-71 1441
Fax: +49-6159-71 2991

E-Mail: K.Fuessel(at)


For information how to get beamtime granted at our facilities, please consult the webpage 'Applying for Beamtime'. After having been granted beamtime, please see 'Scheduling of Approved Experiments' for next steps.