Tested Positv - during stay

In case a guest has tested postive on corona, GSI will proceed as follows:

  • Access to the campus will be denied and the guest must leave the premises, except when a room in the guest house has been booked.
  • The Welcome Office informs the guest's local contact person (or vice versa) so that they can become active and take care of the guest.

We see responsibility in assisting with:

  • Assuring the guest is aware of the current rules in place
  • Organising shopping
  • Organising transport
  • Locating medical services if needed.

Some Medical Services, bring and delivery services as well as supermarkets in the area are listed on this information leaflet.

As from April 29th, isolation is mandatory for 5 days only. After that AND if you are free of symptoms you can move as you like (no mandatory free-testing ). We strongly advise to do a self test before entereing GSI / FAIR.

In case questions occur, please contact the Task-Force-Health and/or Welcome Office.