Corona Information for GSI/FAIR guests (and their hosts)

At any time, if you do not feel well, cancel your trip.
This information is to support you and is not legally binding.
Last update on August 8th, 2022


    Inside GSI and FAIR buildings, mouth-nose coverings must now only be worn if a distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained for more than one minute or is difficult to maintain.

    Masks are still compulsory:

    •     when queuing (e.g. serving food in the canteen)
    •     at goods distribution points (e.g. main warehouse)
    •     in areas with public traffic (e.g. UHD, WEO, guest office)
    •     in the rooms of the company doctor and company nurse
    •     in the gate
    •     in lifts
    •     at designated events
    •     and in other designated areas.

    In Hesse masks are generally required in:

    • public transportation
    • doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals (not for inpatient hospital patients)
    • old people's and nursing homes

    Please note that individuals can define their own rules about having to wear masks at their places.


    More detailed GSI /FAIR information:

    Entering GSI / FAIR campus

    We advise all guests and visitors to test themselves before arrival and regularly during their stay irrespective if they are vaccinated* or recovered** or not.

    Examples to go in isolation:


    Flyer RKI on isolation in various languages
    Please inform yourself how delivery of food and drinks can be organized. The only reason you are allowed to leave your room for, is to go for the test. Some hotels offer catering.