Corona Check list for GSI / FAIR guests

At any time, if you do not feel well, cancel your trip.
This checklist is to support you and is not legally binding.
Last update on October 14th, 2021

    1. entering Germany

    A general obligation to furnish proof applies. This means that persons aged 12 or over must, as a rule, possess a negative test result or proof of vaccination or recovery when entering the country. The general obligation to furnish proof applies irrespective of the mode of transport or whether the person previously spent time in a high-risk area or area of variants of concern.

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    2. Are you coming from a risk area or area of variant of concern ?

    • if NO, you can come (in most cases you will need a valid contract or  guest agreement with GSI / FAIR).
      Persons entering by plane must – irrespective of whether or not they spent time in a risk area– present a negative test result or proof of vaccination or proof of recovery to their carrier prior to departure.
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    3. Registration required:

    Persons who have spent time in one of the high risks areas or areas of variant of concern within the 10 days prior to entering the Federal Republic of Germany, must follow specific regulations.
    Registration required: Travellers who spent time in a high risk area are obliged to fill out the digital registration on entry at  and carry the confirmation with them when entering the country. The confirmation will be checked by the carrier and may also be checked by the Federal Police within the framework of its responsibilities as a border control agency.
    Obligation to furnish proof:Travellers who spent time in a high-risk area must carry with them a test result or proof of vaccination or recovery and, if demanded by the carrier, present such proof for the purpose of carriage. In case of a stay in an area of variants of concern, only a test result is admitted.
    The proof must be uploaded via the travel portal at . With respect to entry into Germany from areas of variants of concern, a ban on carriage – subject to a very limited set of exceptions – applies to the transport of persons via rail, bus, ship or plane directly from those countries.
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    Note: You count as "fully vaccinated" if all 3 points mentioned below apply?

    • vaccinated 2 times
    • last vaccination more than 14 days before arrival
    • with a vaccination that is recognized by the EU (Comirnaty is from BioNTech/Pfizer)

    Note:Proof of a previous infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus issued in written or digital form in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish, if the test is based on laboratory diagnostics comprising a nucleic acid test (PCR, PoC-PCR or other nucleic acid amplification test methods) and it was performed no less than 28 days and no more than six months previously.

    Note: If you are not able to do the electronic entry registration:

    Please fill the substitute registration form and hand it to the local health authorities. Here the link to find out which local health authority has to be contacted.

    4. Quarantine rules for travellers from a:

    • Risk area:
      Obligation to quarantine:Travellers who have spent time in a risk area, must make theirway directly to their home upon arrival and remain isolated there for a period of ten days (home quarantine)..
      Ending quarantine: Quarantine at home may be ended prematurely or does not have to be started if proof of recovery, proof of vaccination or a negative test result is submitted via the Federal Republic of Germany entry portal . Quarantine can be ended in each case from the time the negative test result has been submitted. If you have spent time in a high risk area prior to entry, the relevant test may not be conducted earlier than five days after entry("free testing" possible from day five after entry).
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      • Vaccinated and recovered persons can end the quarantine from the time when the proof of vaccination or recovery is transmitted via the entry portal. If the transmission takes place before entry (strongly recommended), the quarantine does not have to be started.
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    Examples to go in isolation:


    Flyer RKI on isolation in various languages
    Please inform yourself how delivery of food and drinks can be organized. The only reason you are allowed to leave your room for, is to go for the test. Some hotels offer catering.

    5. Get tested:

    • Antigen (speed) test
      • if test is positive, get PCR test
      • if test is negative, continue with 8
    • PCR test
      • if test is negative, continue with 8
      • if test is positive:

    Where you can get tested around Darmstadt:

    • Darmstadt test centre for speed and PCR tests - online appointment booking possible
    • Passenger coming or leaving by plane - at the airport.
    • If you want to use the medical service via GSI, please ask your local contact person to contact the  Welcome Office and our Task-Force-Health. Details needed:
      • Full name of guest
      • Birthdate of guest
      • arrival date of guest

    6. Send test result to

    7. You can come to GSI / FAIR

    (please check if you have/need a valid guest agreement at least 2 weeks before arrival).

    Stay in the GSI / FAIR Guest or Stein House - after isolation
    The guest- and welcome office will inform the local health authorities about the number of people staying in the guest and stein house