IT-Service: OpenStack cluster for EGI Federated Cloud


An OpenStack-based cloud-compute cluster integrated with the EGI Federated Cloud.


GSI provides OpenStack Compute, Network and Block Storage resources as well as identity federation with EGI Check-in, to members of the following Virtual Organisations:

  • dteam
We currently offer:
  • 100 VCPUs
  • 384 GiB of RAM
  • 12 TB of block storage
  • full outbound IPv4 connectivity
  • optional inbound SSH connectivity over IPv4, enabled using security groups

Please refer to EGI FedCloud documentation for information on how to use this service. Our FedCloud site name is GSI-LCG2.

Verfügbarkeit und Support

  • Verfügbarkeit: 24/7
  • Rufbereitschaft: nicht abgedeckt
  • Support-Zeiten: Mo-Fr during core working hours
  • Support-Email: EGIOS-service @