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NUSTAR (NUclear STructure, Astrophysics, and nuclear Reactions) is one of the four research branches (Forschungssäulen) at GSI. Its research activity is mostly financed by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) under the “program-oriented demand” (Programmorientierte Forderung – PoF), under the program “Structure of Matter”, sub-program “Physics of Hadrons and Nuclei”, branch “Exotic Nuclei and Nuclear Astrophysics (ENNA)”. The NUSTAR research branch is composed of five divisions, whose research activity is coordinated by a deputy.

NUSTAR/ENNA Department

Head Prof. Dr. Christoph Scheidenberger
Secretaries (+49-6159-71-xxxx) Luise Dörsching-Steitz (-2127)
Daniela Press (-2142)
Siglind Raiss (-2412)
Fax +49-6159-71-2902


Division Leader
Physics of super-heavy elements (SHE-Physik) Prof. Dr. M. Block
Chemistry of super-heavy elements (SHE-Chemie) Prof. Dr. C.E. Düllmann
Nuclear Structure with spectrometer (FRS/SFRS) Prof. Dr. C. Scheidenberger
Nuclear reactions and astrophysics (Kernreaktionen) Prof. Dr. T. Aumann
Gamma spectroscopy (Gammaspektroskopie) Dr. J. Gerl