November 1994

Discovery of element 110 (269110) in 62Ni + 208Blei reactions at SHIP.
Four decay chains have been observed (see Publication).
Picture 1: Front: (from left to right) Alexander Yeremin, Victor Ninov, Matti Leino, Sigurd Hofmann, Peter Armbruster, Ursula Vogel (Secretary). Rear: (from left to right) Andeij Popeko, Fritz Peter Heßberger, Andreij Andreev, Gottfried Münzenberg. Jürgen Bossler, Helmut Folger, Hans - Joachim Schött, Stefan Saro, Hans-Georg Burkhard (Image source: GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung)

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) assigns the discovery of element 110 to Sigurd Hofmann and his group (see IUPAC-report).

2 December 2003

The name Darmstadtium is given to element 110 in an official ceremony at GSI.
Picture 2: Speaker's desk: Walter Henning, (from left to right) Peter Armbruster, Matti Leino, Andreij Popeko, Gottfried Münzenberg, Fritz Peter Heßberger, Sigurd Hofmann, Stefan Saro, Helmut Folger. Rear: Alexander Yeremin, Hans-Joachim Schött. On the right: Edelgard Bulmahn (Bundesministerin für Bildung und Forschung), Peter Benz (OBB Darmstadt) (Image source: GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung)