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Gamma Spectroscopy Department




The Nuclear Spectroscopy department investigates the structure of atomic nuclei, emphasizing on isotopes far off stability. We aim at a deeper understanding of the forces and interactions in the nuclear many-body system, its evolution with varying neutron/proton ratio, the limits of nuclear existence and the related astrophysical implications. The focus is on in-beam and decay gamma spectroscopy employing radioactive heavy-ion beams. Our scientific programme relies on sophisticated experimental set-ups at the limits of technical feasibility realized in international collaboration within the HISPEC/DESPEC project of NUSTAR.

Our goal is substantial contribution to the development, construction, operation and maintenance of these multi-facetted set-ups. To that end, we develop cutting-edge gamma-radiation detectors of highest sensitivity, high-rate particle detectors and related instrumentation.

Applications of the detectors, instrumentation and experimental methodologies to the benefit of the society beyond basic science is another important aspect of our work. This covers a wide area from biomedical technologies to environmental safety, industrial control and security applications.



Looking forward to FAIR the Gamma Spectroscopy Department has been preparing as part of the NUSTAR community towards HISPEC/DESPEC.