Go4 Tutorials und Workshop Materialien


Workshop Go4 v4.4.3 (May / June 2011)

Workshop Go4 v4.4  (Jan/ Feb 2010)

Workshop Go4 v3.0  (June 2006)

Workshop Go4 v2.8  (Sep/Oct 2004)

First Workshop for Go4 (May 2002)

   Day1 (pdf) : Use the GUI with an Analysis example (M. Al-Turany)

   Day 2 (pdf) : The Go4 event loop framework (J. Adamczewski)

   Day 3 (pdf) : The Go4 composite event model (D. Bertini)

First draft of the Go4 Fit package

    Slides (pdf) : Brief description of main components and examples

    Doc (pdf) : Examples