Projects & Collaborations



For characterization purposes of photo sensors produced in large scale the PSL group is working in shift operation mode.

Actually the PSL@GSI group is working on the characterization of Avalanche Photo Diodes (APDs) used as photo sensors for the ElectroMagnetic Calorimeter (EMC) of the PANDA experiment.


In addition the PSL staff is member of the R3B project, in which APDs of different design are used as photo sensors for the CALIFA gamma spectrometer.


Due to several synergetic overlaps between several FAIR experiments, the PSL@GSI group is also contributing to the ongoing activities for the CBM-STS, e.g. reliability tests of different glues concerning radiation hardness, temperature behaviour, etc.



Since 2015 the PSL is also an active participant of the Summer Student Program at GSI.