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Biophysics Seminars

24.01.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
New strategies in carbon-ion therapy: LET painting and immunotherapy
Dr. Piero Fossati
MedAustron, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
10.01.2019 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Assessment of radiation field on cellular scales in beams using fluorescent nuclear track detectors
PD Dr. Steffen Greilich
Division of Medical Physics in Radiation Oncology
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany
13.12.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Novel accelerators; from muon beams to medical applications
Professor Kenneth Long
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Physics 
Imperial College, London
06.12.2018 13:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Elephants, naked moles, and radiation: how to live longer and cancer-free
Prof. Dr. Marco Durante
GSI Darmstadt
29.11.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Motion: the 5th dimension to particle therapy?
Prof. Dr. Antony Jon Lomax
Villingen, Switzerland
15.11.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Impact of ionizing radiation on cardiac differentiation capability of human embryonic stem cells
Scarlett Nitsch
GSI Darmstadt
08.11.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Nanoscale insights on hypoxia radiosensitization with ion beams
Daria Boscolo
GSI Darmstadt
25.10.2018 14:00
Foyer Guest House
PaNTERA - Flash Proton Radiography towards medical applications
Martin Schanz
GSI Darmstadt
23.10.2018 11:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Influence of metabolism on inflammatory processes in joint diseases
PD Dr. med. Elena Neumann
Rheumatologische Forschung an der Kerckhoff-Klinik, Bad Nauheim
18.10.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
A cool life: exploiting hibernation for space exploration and biomedical applications
Prof. Dr. Matteo Cerri
University of Bologna, Italy
27.09.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Motion compensation in external beam therapy
Prof. Dr. Marco Riboldi
Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversität (LMU) Munich
02.08.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Electrophysiological effects of ionizing radiation on neuronal network communication of human embryonic stem cell derived neurospheres Various
Margot Mayer
University of Applied Sciences, Aschaffenburg
18.06.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Biodosimetry in Canada
Prof. Dr. Ruth C. Wilkins
Radiobiology Division, Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection
Bureau - Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
14.06.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Next generation sequencing Technologie
Dr. Maria Mendez-Lago
Genomics Core Facility
Institute of Molecular Biology gGmbH (IMB), Mainz
24.05.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Introduction to Center of Excellence in high energy physics and astrophysics at Suranaree University of Technology
Dr. Chinorat Kobdaj
School of Physics, Institute of Science,
Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand
17.05.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
The FOOT (FragmentatiOn Of Target) Experiment
Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Patera
Sapienza University of Rome
03.05.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Dose build-up effects in proton Bragg curves
Tabea Pfuhl
GSI Darmstadt
23.04.2018 14:00
Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a
Inhibition of the FK506-binding protein 51 as a novel target for obesity, depression and chronic pain
Prof. Dr. Felix Hausch
TU Darmstadt
Fachbereich Chemie
29.03.2018 14:00
KBW - Hörsaal
3D range-modulator for scanned particle therapy: development, Monte Carlo simulations and experimental evaluation
Yuri Simeonov
Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen
Institut für Medizinische Physik und Strahlenschutz
22.03.2018 14:00
KBW - Hörsaal
The role of miR-574-5p in the PGE2 biosynthesis
Dr. Meike Saul
Technische Universität, Darmstadt
Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main
15.02.2018 14:00
KBW Hörsaal
RNF138 stimulates resection of heavy-ion induced DNA double-strand breaks in human G1-phase cells
Carina Barent
GSI, Darmstadt