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Dr. Giuseppe Correale

Tainer’s name: Dr. Giuseppe Correale

Trainer’s position: ESA Science Coordinator within the Human Research Office

Trainer’s email and phone number: Giuseppe.correale(at)esa.int, ,+31 681351055

• Dr. Giuseppe Correale obtained his Bachelor of Science at Naples University and MSc and PhD at TUDelft.
• He then worked 10 years in R&D companies developing high-tech plasmas to the benefit of research field ranging from engineering to medicine.
• Since 2016, he works as a Human Research Officer, managing human physiology experiments performed within all the ESA sponsored platforms.

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Dr. Anggraeini Puspitasari

Trainer’s name: Anggraeini Puspitasari MD., PhD

Trainer’s position: Post Doc researcher at Clinical Radiobiology group- Biophysics department, GSI.

Trainers email and phone number: a.puspitasari(at)gsi.de; +49 6159 1352

Dr Anggraeini Puspitasari studied Medical Doctor at Maranatha Christian University Faculty of Medicine, in Indonesia. She graduated with a PhD in radiation neurobiology from Gunma University, Maebashi, Japan in 2016. She has been working in radiation-neurobiology since 2012, starting her career at Gunma University graduate school of medicine, Japan. Since July 2019, she moves to Germany and has a postdoc position at GSI. Her research activities have been focusing on the effects of X-rays and Carbon ions on the synaptic function of neurons using primary hippocampal neuronal model (in vitro) and mice models (in vivo). Her current research focuses on tumour hypoxia and, artificial hibernation.

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