1st NEILS Meeting

May 9th-11th 2016, GSI Darmstadt



Executive summary

The first NEILS meeting was held at GSI, Darmstadt Germany and gathered 31 scientific staff members from laserlab partners and ELI-NP on subjects related to the operation of mid-to-large scale laser facilities. Laserlab participating institutions were GSI, PALS/HILASE, LULI, LP3, RAL, CEA-CESTA. In addition, the associated laboratory AWE was represented. The meeting is centered on round table discussions tackling 4 subjects: electromagnetic pulse origin and mitigation, laser alignment procedures, component management and target area related issues. As an introduction to the meeting, each laboratory gave a short update on their laser system and enough time was granted in a dedicated session to address specific questions from the ELI-NP team that is in charge of building and operating the next generation of short-pulse laser facility. The core of the meeting was organized with round-table discussions moderated by representatives of the participating laboratories. These round-tables were prepared in advanced in the form of questionnaires that were circulated a few weeks in advance. The answers were compiled by the moderators and summarized for the audience during the meeting, triggering new questions and comments. For particularly complicated subjects, short presentations were used to support the discussion or distribute information. The topics discussed this year were the electromagnetic pulse sources (EMP) in the target area and their measurement and mitigation, the alignment and operation aspects, the specification and management of large optical components and finally target area related issues.

Detailed report

The report of the meeting can be downloaded here

Slides of the presentations

The slides of the presentations are stored on the GSI repository (SEAFILE). One can access it via the link below (password protected).

Link to the presentations