Experiments at the PHELIX facility in 2020/2021

Experiments in 2020/2021 will be subject to a call for proposal between March 21st and May 27th, 2019. Here one can download the call for proposal.

Time Schedule / Applications

Please note that a 'Call for Proposals' for beamtime at the high-energy/high-power laser PHELIX from March 2020 to June 2021 is open now. Deadline for submission is May 27th, 2019.

Groups working in the fields of atomic physics, plasma physics, extreme matter physics, and laser-particle acceleration are invited to submit research proposals for beamtime at PHELIX. As experimental areas, the stations at PHELIX and Z6 are available. In total, approx. 200 shifts of PHELIX beamtime can be offered which correspond to roughly 10 experiments. Experiments granted in this call will run in the above mentioned period after which the granted shifts will expire. The PHELIX and Plasmaphysics Program Advisory Committee (PPAC) will discuss the submitted proposals and recommend the directorate granting experiments with a clear focus on strategic issues and scientific excellence.

Submission of Proposals

Proposals for the above mentioned beam time period can be submitted to the PPAC via the webform https://proposals-phelix.gsi.de/; deadline is 27. May 2019. Editing the application in the webform can be interrupted any time, and continued and finally submitted in a later session; you will receive an entrance key upon first data input. Further details on the application process and the structure of the proposals are given on the PHELIX webpage: www.gsi.de/phelix/beamtime .

Prior to submitting a proposal please consult your local contact person about the technical feasibility of your planned experiment and please note that investments necessary for running the experiment cannot be covered by GSI.

For additional or updated information please consult the webpage of PPAC:


Applicants eligible to the European program 'Laserlab-Europe' are encouraged to submit their applications additionally through Laserlab-Europe (www.laserlab-europe.eu/transnational-access) for obtaining financial support. Note that the application will be supported through the 41h installment of Laserlab: Laserlab IV. Laserlab IV offers financial support for researchers from Europe and since 2016 for users from non-EU countries to some extent.

Contact persons for the 'Call' are:

Proposal submission and meeting of the PPAC: Karin Füssel

Access and support through Laserlab Europe: Bernhard Zielbauer 


Technical information on the facility

PHELIX can provide access for laser experiments in the PHELIX hall and alternatively at the Z6 target station. For technical information on the facilities, please refer to the webpage of the PHELIX laser system or contact the respective person responsible for the target station of interest:

PHELIX petawatt target area (PTA, laser bay): B. Zielbauer,C. Brabetz

Z6 target area: A. Blazevic, D. Schumacher 

Details on the laser and laser diagnostics: V. Bagnoud