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Chronological list of publications of Plasma Physics department & PHELIX:

Publications PP in 2002

  1. D.H.H. Hoffmann et al.

    Unique capabilities of an intense heavy ion beam as a tool for equation-of-state studies

    Physics of Plasmas 9/9, 3651 (2002)


  3. D. Penache, C. Niemann, A. Tauschwitz, R. Knobloch, S. Neff, R. Birkner, M. Geißel, D.H.H. Hoffmann, R. Presura, C. Penache, M. Roth, H. Wahl

    Experimental investigation of ion beam transport in laser initiated plasma channels

    Laser Particle Beams 20, 559 (2002)


  5. V.G. Pal'chikov et al.

    Measurements of the ground-state ionization energy and wavelengths for the 1snp 1P*1-1s2 1S0 (n=4-9) lines of Mg XI and F VIII

    Journal of Physics B 35, pp. 2741-2754 (2002)


  7. A.R. Piriz, R.F. Portugues, N.A. Tahir and D.H.H. Hoffmann

    Analytic Model for Studying Heavy Ion Imploded Cylindrical Targets

    Laser Part. Beams 20 427-429 (2002)


  9. A.R. Piriz, R.F. Portugues, N.A. Tahir and D.H.H. Hoffmann

    Implosion of multilayered cylindrical targets driven by intense heavy ion beams

    Physical Review E 66, 056403 (2002)


  11. F.B. Rosmej et al.

    Methods of charge-state analysis of fast ions inside matter based on their X-ray spectral distribution

    Laser and Particle Beams, 20, pp. 479-483 (2002)


  13. F.B. Rosmej et al.

    Charge-exchange-induced two-electron satellite transitions from autoionizinglevels in dense plasmas

    Physical Review E 66, 056402 (2002)


  15. F.B. Rosmej et al.

    The generation of Fast Particles in Plasmas Created by Laser Pulses with Different Wavelengths

    Journal of Exp. and Theor. Phys., Vol. 94, No. 1, pp. 60-72 (2002)


  17. O.N. Rosmej et al.

    X-ray spectromicroscopy of fast heavy ions and target radiation

    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 495, 29-39 (2002)


  19. M. Roth et al.

    The generation of high-quality, intense ion beams by ultra-intense lasers

    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 44 (2002) B99 B108


  21. I. Yu. Skobelev et al.

    Spectral Transitions from the Rydberg Autoionization States of a Li-Like Mg X Ion

    Journal of Exp. and Theor. Phys., Vol. 95, No. 5, pp. 421-428 (2002)


  23. N.A. Tahir et al.

    High energy density matter research at the GSI Darmstadt using intense heavy ion beams

    Laser Part. Beams 20 393-397 (2002)


  25. D.Varentsov et al.

    Energy loss dynamics of intense heavy ion beams interacting with solid targets

    Laser Particle Beams 20, pp. 485-491 (2002)


  27. D.Varentsov et al.

    Precise ion opticle description of strip-line pulsed magnetic lenses

    Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods in Physics Research A 485, pp. 485-491 (2002)